Daniel is an intelligent, diligent and passionate young man with a philanthropist mindset. He attended High School of Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Jamaica, New York and proceeded to receive a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a 3.2 grade point average from CUNY York College. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s of Science degree to ultimately become a physician assistant.

      Daniel is passionate about the STEM field and is motivated to uplift the black community through mentorship and tutoring. He has over four years of experience with children in kindergarten to junior highschool, and has some experience mentoring and tutoring college and high school students. Daniel uses patience, communication, humor and optimism to create a comfortable environment which he thinks is the best environment to learn. He takes pride in being a visual representation for young black men interested in the STEM field.

       His love of science, philanthropist mindset, andknowledgehas given him the nickname “Jack of all trades” amongst some of his colleagues. Additionally, the following aspirations also attributed to his nickname:  becoming a physician assistant and perform research to increase the survival rate of people from  deadly bacteria; studying mechanical engineering so he could invent trinkets and build small vehicles because he feels that building something from nothing is a great art; his desire to be a survivalist because he loves the outdoors and thinks the dependence on technology has led many people to become vulnerable without it. New to his aspirations, he is now studying to become a very successful master trader in the foreign exchange market in order to become financially empowered.

      “Being a leader is such a great opportunity because it elevates the recipients of the leader’s lessons as well as motivates the leader to go beyond his or her limits to make sure his or her students succeed. When we all succeed together, we will truly uplift our community.”