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    Vanessa is a highly skilled and engaging tutor. She possesses a A.A.S. degree in Computer Technology, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies from the CUNY School of Professional Studies. Her studies will lead her to earn an M.Ed in Teaching and Learning.  


    Vanessa specializes in all content for students in grades K-5, with an emphasis on Reading Comprehension, Writing, Language Arts, and Math. Her hands-on approach to learning gets students engaged quickly. Using a combination of online learning platforms and creative interactive worksheets, she can differentiate instruction for each of her students.


    In order to help every child meet their academic goals, Vanessa structures each session around a child’s personality and interests. A typical session would begin with a brief review of what was done in the last session. If the student is still having problems with the material that was previously covered, a more in-depth review would take place, enabling the practice of those skills.  If the student has fully grasped the skills, then we move on to a new subject they are having problems in. 


   Vanessa attributes the success of her academic career and experiences to passionate teachers she encountered in the past. It is because of them that she has a strong conceptual training foundation to support her students today. She is committed to helping each student succeed. Most importantly, she is excited to get to know each of her students and develop personalized plans to meet their learning needs. 

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