harbajan ‚Äč

     Sasha is a highly driven student of Biomedical Science who has a huge heart for the people in her community.  She has earned her Bachelor of Arts from Queens College and is returning to school to earn a second Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science at Hunter College.  From late high school to college years, Sasha has enjoyed many opportunities to participate in cutting edge research in the fields of Cell & Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Immunology.  Some of the institutions she has worked with include Barnard College, Queens College, North Carolina State University and Weill Cornell Medicine.  She has been involved in studies including the dengue virus, adenovirus (common cold virus), programmed cell death, aging, and groundwater contamination.  Some of her major accomplishments from these experiences are published in highly accredited scientific journals, such as Nature and PLOS ONE. 


       From all of her experiences in academia, Sasha easily noticed the disparity between her cultural upbringing including lack of resources and the expectations of academic institutions—particularly in STEM fields.  As a student, she was challenged to bridge the gap between cultural expectations and her love for Biology.  This gave Sasha a passion to bring her excitement about Math and Science to the community around her.  Her goals were to teach students

(K – 12) some of the skills necessary to succeed in STEM and also to nurture their own curiosity and love for discovery in hopes of increasing representation of minority populations in STEM.  


      In pursuit of these goals, Sasha has trained with the Department of Education as a New York City Teaching Fellow, and taught high school Living Environment.  Additionally, she has worked as a Private Tutor for over 5 years, where she has worked closely with students and played a crucial role in their learning.  Sasha continues to serve her community and promote personal development by volunteering in children’s ministry at her home church.