Jaeda Stoute is an inquisitive and energetic young thinker from Long Island City, Queens. She received her BA from Brooklyn College in Television and Radio and a minor in Marketing. 

      Much of her professional development is attributed to her many summers spent at an all girl camp called Camp Anita Bliss Coler of The Fresh Air Fund. There, she worked her way up from junior counselor to Program Director, and then senior advisor of the Young Women’s Giving Circle, a year round program focused on building community with young philanthropist. 

      Jaeda’s combination of creativity and sincere interest in her community has inspired her to take on a career in the media industry. She looks forward to using her skills as a tutor to be more in tune with her community and inspire young people. 

      Her ultimate goal is to make media more reflective of its participants. She wants to guide her students to be more active participants in their academic career and thus active participants in their community.