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    Brandon holds a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics, Master of Science in Public Health, and is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. In his present studies, he is exploring the implications of Language and Communication disorders, music, and acoustics on students' access to education and public health. 


    His teaching and learning background began at the university level, where he directly supported minority and underrepresented students in a 1:1 and group format. He then transitioned to supporting middle and high school students’ in their application process to tier I schools.


    As a tutor, he specializes in essay writing, English grammar, and mechanics.    He is also well-versed in algebra, pre-algebra, statistics, and probability math content. His tutoring style highlights continual practice as a way for students to develop and sharpen their foundational skills to be applied to any problem or question. 


    He's excited to help students stay on track and to not miss out on opportunities to advance their education.

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