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       Clevester is a native New Yorker who is an inspiring physician. Clevester attended NYC public schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan from K-12. His zones schools were often failing schools with limited resources and opportunities necessary to mold inner-city youth into prominent leaders in society. Clevester managed to graduate in the top 10% of his high school class and pursue higher education despite the disadvantages. He received his bachelor’s in biology from
Stony Brook University and master’s in medical science from Hampton University. Although Clevester was limited with opportunities early, he did not let it stop him. He continued to push through and make opportunities for himself, and he aspires to do the same for others.


       While attending graduate school, Clevester tutored student-athletes at Norfolk State University, where he had the chance to connect with students who faced similar challenges growing up in inner cities. Clevester tutored in biology, economics, general and organic chemistry. He effectively conveyed different learning techniques tailored to each student, which elevated their academic achievement.

       Clevester is currently a research coordinator at NYU Langone, a certified Emergency Medical Technician, and owner of Cle’s Cuts. Clevester takes pride in serving his community. He is passionate about giving back to inner-city youth, believing they are filled with tremendous potential. With his passion and vision, Clevester will continue to foster a solid and vibrant generation of leaders. Clevester strongly believes in the proverb “each one teach one,” and through his leadership and achievements, Clevester demonstrates the necessary skills and characteristics that will uplift our future generation.

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