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    Ceyauna is a passionate professional and educator. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Morgan State University and Health Professional Certification in Phlebotomy. Always seeking to advance herself, she obtained a Change Leadership Certification in Healthcare Leadership from Weill Cornell University School of Medicine. Continuously reflecting on her own academic learning experiences, she approaches her tutoring sessions as a 

coach; motivating, encouraging, and intentionally mapping each student's learning path. 


    Ceyauna volunteered at a local elementary school, where she partnered with a teacher to work one-on-one with students who struggled with their math skills. As part of her work, she supported the teacher in creating practice problems and quizzes. Ceyauna saw firsthand how dedicating time, intentional planning, and positive student encouragement impacts a student's ability to succeed academically. She is distinct about how she handles and plans for each student's learning within her sessions. You can expect for Ceyauna's sessions to be well-throughout and skill driven.

    Ceyauna is very personable and distinct about how she handles interactions with students and parents but she also makes sure her colleagues are well-equipped to handle the daily operations of Acheive with Chaniece. 


    A quote Ceyauna embodies "As an inspirational leader, words of encouragement can change the perception of how a person looks at themself."

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