In 2012, Ceyauna earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Morgan State University and later decided to continue her education in healthcare and earned certification to practice as a Phlebotomy Technician. Not stopping there, Ceyauna decided to increase her knowledge and she obtained the Healthcare Leadership: Change Leadership Certification from Weill Cornell University School of Medicine. 


      Ceyauna is passionate about helping others excel to the best of their ability by teaching, coaching and motivating them. During her baccalaureate studies, Ceyauna volunteered at a local elementary school to help assist the teacher with different lesson plans.  That experience showed her how much she can influence one’s life in a positive way just by encouraging and pushing them to the best of their abilities.  


      Ceyauna is a dedicated and hard worker who pays close attention to details.  After two months of employment at Weill Cornell Medicine, she was appointed the lead Sr. Medical Secretary of pediatrics and internal medicine and protractor for newly hired employees. Not only is she precise about how she handles patient care, but she also makes sure her colleagues are well-equipped to handle the daily operations of the practice.  She works closely with children as well as adults and loves to make a difference in their lives.


       As an inspirational leader words of encouragement can change the perception on how a person looks at self. Being passionate about helping others and making a difference, Ceyauna is always exploring ways to better herself along with the people around her.