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Samantha Beckford

    Samantha is an enthusiastic, goal- oriented individual who enjoys establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships. Given that she is attending Queen’s College as a pre-health major to pursue a career in pediatrics, it is no surprise that she particularly enjoys working with children.


    Samantha has proven that she is equipped to handle a diverse population as she was not only awarded for community service in her school but has also presumed volunteer opportunities both locally and internationally. She has performed a wide range of tasks from assisting students with reading, giving back to the less fortunate on Christmas, secretarial and journalism duties at her local church to helping in nursing homes. She continues to seek new ways to give back and hopes that this venture will provide that opportunity.


    During her pursuit of excellence, Samantha has learned that both achievement and failure may be contributions to success. With her passion for motivating people, she was often spotted encouraging her peers whenever she could. Through her charisma and drive for success, she was awarded with several positions including salutatorian, the student who ranks second highest of their graduating class, class president, and student treasurer. Having been a top performer at one of the most prestigious high schools in Jamaica she was given a national award for her performance in high school education. She has graduated from the George Washington Carver High School for the sciences with a GPA of 96.50, an honors diploma and has been named to the Chancellors Honor roll.


    She has wisdom beyond her years and is starving for innovative ways to grow. Through teamwork she aspires to transfer knowledge and encourage students. Though it’s important to plan, she hopes that she will continue to inspire with her philosophy that ‘you can start late, look different, be uncertain and still succeed.’

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